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Synchronous HausMusik becomes Virtual Chamber Music Weekend

June 16-19, 2021

Chamber Music Weekend: meeting in person on the campus of Southern Adventist University

Synchronous HausMusik / Virtual CMW: meeting online via Zoom, makes Chamber Music Weekend activities available to online participants abroad.

To participate, you'll need

1. to register

2. the schedule

3. a tech connection

4. a way to download and print or view music

5. an instrument and a sense of adventure!

Synchronous adjective. 

"existing or occurring at the same time."

HausMusik noun. (translated from German)

"Music that takes place in the family circle, in the circle of friends"

Synchronous HausMusik   noun. 

"Music that takes place simultaneously in the circle of friends present and with friends abroad"

Synchronous HausMusik is Virtual CMW.

Chamber Music:

The Music of Friends

In our modern, fast-paced world, it's a treat to sit down with friends and enjoy an hour or two together.  It's more of a treat if each friend plays an instrument, and you can all make music.  And it's more special yet, if you play music that gives each friend a unique, individual part.  That's  what chamber music is all about--individual parts, in a friendly setting, making music together.

  In our modern, fast-paced world, we may not have musical friends near us to share time together.  And with the new perspective of the pandemic, gathering in person is not always safe, or possible.  

Synchronous HausMusik gives us a way to play chamber music anyway!   We (the "home team") provide a core ensemble and invite you (the "away team") to play alongside us via online meeting software, as we explore the marvelous music of friends. 

How to connect with us

We are indebted to Zoom for providing a platform that allows us to stream sound, and to connect in real time with our "away team" of players.  However, thanks to latency, we can't actually play together with all mics on.  So the Home Team broadcasts, and the Away Team plays with mics muted.  You can hear us, and we can see you. Click the "register" button below: the Zoom link is at the end of your registration form.

Synchronous HausMusik is free, donations gratefully accepted.